Gora Practice Contact Staff

Gora Practice Contact Staff
breakdown model

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one piece staff


breakdown staff (3 peices)




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This practice staff is a smooth, well balanced staff to learn contact manipulations and perfect for training or performing without fire. It comes with flowers that flair when rolled. The core material is the same 7075 aluminum alloy like the Fire Contact Staff, so it is extremely durable, never bending or breaking, and still relatively light at the same time. At the sides there are lathed steel rods to give massive momentum for the staff. The grip is extruded epdm rubber, which has a really nice touch and is very sticky.
We also now have this staff in a breakdown, three peice staff, which is just like the breakdown gora fire staff, with rubber ends rather than wick ends. It is weighted on the ends, for better contact staff effects.

The weight is 2.5 lbs.

This is the ultimate contact staff! 


length:60 inch
weight: 2.5 pounds
rubber ends
staff is one inch in diameter