Gora Breakdown Contact Fire Staff

Gora Contact Fire Staff
Gora Contact Fire Staff with flowers
pair of torch covers

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Torch Covers (pair)

pair of torch covers




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The new Gora breakdown contact fire staff is now in stock. It is by far the best contact staff on the market. The center section is made of 7075 Aluminum, a very light and super strong alloy. The wick end tubing is covered in high temperature silicone to keep the end of the staff cool. The staff has the perfect balance for contact staff manipulation.

The staff has a new connection system using an expansion sleeve that is a simple elegant solution to the junction, a big improvement over the old systems used by other manufactures. The staff also can come with removable flowers. These flowers help slow the staff down for learning new tricks, similar to how a flower-stick works. The staff has the perfect contact weight of 2 pounds, light in the middle of staff and heavy on the ends. It comes in two lengths 59.25 and 65.5 inches.

-Do not use white gas, benzene, or alcohol based liquids, use lamp oil barbecue lighter fluid or kerosene.

- Do not hold the staff vertically. Spin it, or keep it horizontal.


59.25 inch (150cm), weight 1.92 pounds)
65.5 inch (166.5cm) weight 2.05 pounds)
4 inch wick ends
staff is one inch in diameter