Gora Practice LeviStick

Gora Practice LeviStick
Practice Levi Stick

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The Levistick or Flow Stick is a adaptation of the Dancing Cane a very old (1800's ?) classic magic trick.The adaptation of the dancing cane to use as  a fire prop is pretty new, maybe in the last 5 years it has become more common. The name Levistick is also a new term which has surfaced in the last 5 years or so, as far as I know. Flow Stick maybe the last year or two. I think the name of this prop should be Fire Dancing Cane, so the name represent its historical roots.

The decorated fiberglass rod is fixed to a thin string which becomes invisible from the distance with an appropriate background. It is a perfect toy, even for children. It is great fun for everybody! It's very light, only 10g. - Handle the string carefully. Not for fire, just for practice, The string is made of clear fishing line.



total length 70 cm, 48 cm string
weight 74 grams
solid fiberglass rod 8 mm
Gora, handmade in Hungry