Gora Fire Whips

gora fire whip

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The Gora fire whip is very durable and made from 5 different sizes of 100% kevlar braided ropes plus the cracker. The assembly of the rope sizes graduate in smaller diameters smoothly so you have a satisfying whip performance. The cracker is replaceable. The handle is long enough for safe use, made of aluminum and covered by a heatproof silicone shield. The handle and start of the whip have a fiberglass rod inside that gets thinner and thinner to give the whip root good flex, this makes the whip much easier to crack, and have a better effect.

Lengths listed are from the base of the handle to the cracker.

-You don't need to fuel the base of the whip, there will be a huge fire anyway, it could damage the heat shield and fiberglass core.
-Don't put down the whip on the ground while it is burning. If you put it on a concrete or stone or metal surface the flames will heat up the surface and damage the kevlar.
-Never use benzine or white gas only use lamp oil or barbecue lighter fluid, it is too dangerous and will ruin the whip.