Gora Charcoal Rope Dart

Gora Charcoal Dart
Rope Dart for use with mesquite charcoal

Catalog Number:GFCD

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8 foot total length




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The gora fire charcoal rope dart is made for use with wood charcoal, like mesquite. This prop gives of showers of sparks and has a great visual effect. IT IS VERY DANGEROUS TO USE…….

The cage gets very hot and will cause sever burns if you touch it or it touches your body. The show of sparks can cause fires, and injure anyone close by, for professional expert fire dancers only.


gora fire dart
total length 8 feet k
rubber knob
stainless steel chain with swivel
wire cage 6 in x 3.5 in
total weight 275 grams
made by gora