Gora Acrobatic Contact Staff

Gora Acrobatic Contact Staff
Gora Acrobatic Contact Staff

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1.5m (59 inch) thick shaft


1.5m (59 inch) thin shaft


1.5m (59 inch) thick shaft with flower


1.5m (59 inch) thin shaft with flower




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This is a non-fire contact staff for acrobatic use.

It is specialized for acro-staff style, a combination of contact staff and parkour. 
The Staff made of the highest quality of carbon fiber composite. It is very light but extremely durable and flexible.
We offer two different tube diameters and thicknesses , 22mm X 1.5m and 25mm X 1.5m. The 22 X 1.5 is better for contact staff use, it is extra light, but a little harder to use. Good for light weight under 100 pounds (woman or child) people.
We recommend the 25 mm X 1.5m in most cases for average weight people over 100 pounds. In general this is the prefered model.
The staff has an extra steel weight on each side. The full weight of one side for the 22 mm X 1.5m is 212g,  the 25mm X 1.5m is 260g.
There is a rubber ending on each side for gripping the ground and to protect the staff from abrasion.
There is a step point on the staff to help some parkour movement. 
There is a high quality grip on the staff, called super-grip. 
The middle balance point in the staff is marked.  You can also use the optional rubber flower if you want to slow down the rotation of the staff.

This staff is highly recommended for kung-fu marshal arts enthusiasts


1.5m length, 22mm diameter, 1.25 pounds
1.5m length, 25mm diameter, 2.25 pounds)