Glary Taibolo

Glary Taibolo
glary diabolo by taibolo
The glary comes in 6 translucent colors
Glary diabolo by taibolo
Glary Diabolo comes in 7 colors.
glary diabolo by taibolo
Glary diabolo by taibolo

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The glary diabolo is a new product by Taibolo launched in 2009. It shares the same axle and hubs as the Tiabolo Super Diabolo but with transparent cups with a leaf pattern. The diabolo was designed with multiple diabolo play in mind and has a weight of 245 gram - 10 grams less then the Super Diabolo.The hubs have a unique cocncave curved design that leads to reduced string wear. The hub and wide axle are perfect for grinding and multiple wraps. You can also order the diabolo with a ratchet bearing axle, allowing the axle to spin in only one direction. 

The cups come in 7 different tranparent colors, and the hub comes in white or black.

The leaf design amplifies the light of the led kit when mounted on it.

This diabolo is similar to the sundia shining diabolo, but has slightly softer plastic and a differnt shaped hub wall. The center is the same as a sundia shining wide axel.

The photos show the glary with the black hubs, you can also select white colored hubs.


Length: 5 .7 " (145mm)
Diameter: 5.1" ( 130cm)
Weight: 8.6 oz. (245 grams)
Colors: red/pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, clear and purple
Center 5/8 inch (16mm) gap
Made in Taiwan