Hive Pole Race PRO

Hive Pole Race PRO
quickspin locking system, lift up for spin, click down for static.
easy to assemble panels fit into folding frame

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The Hive Pole Race PRO freestanding pole dance pole is a self-supporting system That Allows you to practice pole dancing and pole fitness without having to fix your dance pole to the ceiling. That this means you can use your freestanding pole dance pole in venues That have very high or plasterboard ceilings, or even outdoors.


The Hive Pole Race PRO freestanding pole dance pole is perfect for professional use, performers, artists and dancers, thanks to its exceptional features and the original Quickspin ™ System That Allows you to pass from static to spinning mode without using any keys or other tools, During even choreography.


The portable pole for Pole Hive pole dance stage is custom-made and can reach up to 3 meters with just one joint applied. This feature makes the Pole Hive ™ portable pole not only resistant but Also easy to transport.The lower part is 150-cm long, Whereas the upper part can be easily Replaced with another segment of different length in order to adapt your freestanding pole dance pole to different locations.


Please keep in mind, the height of the dance pole must 30 cm lower than the height of the room where the freestanding pole dance pole is to be placed.


The Hive Pole Race PRO freestanding pole dance pole is available in ø 45 mm and two color finishes: bright white and glossy-black, with a special GeckoGrip ™.


Hive Pole Race PRO freestanding pole dance pole is recommended especially for professional pole dancers since it is equipped with a special Quickspin ™ lock / unlock system, Which Allows you to pass from static to spinning mode without using any keys or other tools, quickly and safely , even During choreography. The use of high-quality materials makes the rotary motion of this spinning dance pole extremely smooth and flowing.


Thanks to its extraordinary features and high-quality materials used, the Pole Hive Race PRO freestanding pole dance pole Guarantees supreme durability and reliabilit


GeckoGrip ™ Powder Coated


The Hive Pole Race PRO freestanding pole dance pole is available in two colors: bright white and glossy-black with a special GeckoGrip ™ lacquering. The manufacturing process Consists in covering the specially prepared steel tubular surface, which is poweder coated and oven cured. That gives this freestanding pole dance pole extraordinary features.

NICKEL-FREE: being nickel-free, this freestanding pole dance pole is recommended for all pole dance performers, as well as for gyms and fitness clubs to guarantee absolute safety to your clients.

EXCEPTIONAL GRIP: thanks to a special micro-fusion formula, this freestanding pole dance pole Guarantees a truly exceptional grip That Reduces the fatigue of the adductor muscles as well as hand and thumb tendons.

SAFE TO USE: should the GeckoGrip ™ coating acquire small cuts or marks with time, it will never become dangerous to your skin, unlike the classic chrome coating, Which can peel off and hurt you.


The pole dance kit is composed of three basic parts:

  • a foldable base structure, weighing approx. 31 pounds
  • the top of the pole dance stage composed of 6 triangular segments, weighing approx. 39 pounds, easily transportable thanks to a special carrying bag
  • an interchangeable pole dance, weighing approx. 29 pounds

The assembly of the freestanding pole dance pole is quick and easy. 

  • position the spider foldable base
  • assemble the six segments of the wooden triangle pole dance stage
  • insert the pole dance