Flower Stick Spectrum

Flower Stick Spectrum DVD
Flower Stick Spectrum DVD

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We are super psyched to offer this most awesome instructional Sticks DVD.  It has 15 Lessons, an abundance of theory and 15 minutes of awe-inspiring footage from Adam, an award winning Flower Stick player. 

Flower Stick Spectrum starts with the basics "Holding the Hand Stick" and "Starting the Tik Tok". After a few lessons in Vertical Style Motions, the techniques are all transformed into the Horizontal Plane. Here you'll explore the Helicopter to the Infinity, in clear verbally and visually explained steps. Once you're ready to move into the Intermediate Motions you'll advance quickly with Body Moves, Hand Stick Tosses and the most thorough explanation of the Coriolis ever recorded! 

Adam has been teaching and performing with the sticks since 2001. During this time he has won the International Juggling Stick Competition in 2006 (Denver CO) and the IJA's Single Prop Devil Stick Competition in 2007 (Winston-Salem NC). Flower Stick Spectrum covers everything you need to know to develop into a knowledgable and skilled Stick Player whether you call them flower sticks, devil sticks or juggling sticks!

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