Fire Snakes

Fire Snakes 28 in. x 3/4 in.
Fire Snakes
Fire Snakes 30 in. x 1 in.
Fire Snakes

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Length - Diameter

30 in. - 5/8 in. rope

30 in. - 3/4 in. rope

30 in. - 1 in. rope



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Here's a fire prop that is sure to wow and delight your audiences. For those unfamiliar with snakes, they are similar to fire poi. Fire snakes use a length of fire rope with a knotted end making a fire disk when spun with a much bigger flame than with fire poi.

When first spun, the flames make a wonderful noise of the air beating back the awesome full flame of the initial burn. Next comes the blue light phase as the rope burns low on fuel while the knotted end continues at full flame. This is followed by a burn out of the length of rope leaving the knot burning for a while longer which mimics more traditional fire poi. These different burn phases may utilize different techniques to enhance the effect such as slower moves during the blue flame phase.

The chain is connected to three feet of, 1 inch or 3/4 inch diameter rope internally riveted to the chain and finger loops. Rivet surfaces and the ends of the rope are finished with a wrap of wick to eliminate fraying at the ends and exposure to hot metal. Single finger loops are made of tubular climbing webbing, professionally sewn and feature a heavy duty swivel connection to the chain. Fire Snakes are available in two lengths. The fire snake has a very big flame and should only be used by professional fire performers.




kevlar rope fire snake
1.0 or .75 inch diameter rope (25 mm)
36� (91.5 cm) long piece of rope used for each snake
stainless steel chain length 4 inches (10 cm)
30 inch snake double knot end, 34 inch snake single knot end
grips nylon tube webbing 0.64 inch wide (16mm)
split rings stainless steel
swivels chrome plated nickel
burn time 3-7 minutes
all parts made in USA
hand made by Renegade Juggling