Fire Devil Stick

Fire Devil Stick
fiberglass with cast silicone cover
fuel applicator bottles ( not for fuel storage )

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Hand Stick Type

Fuel Applicator Bottle ( not for fuel storage)


250 ml (8.5 oz)


1000 ml (33 oz)




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Fire devil stick is a good prop for street performing, or for baton twirling. The shaft is made of 1/2 aluminum. Each end of the devil stick has 24 inches of kevlar wick. This fire stick will burn for about 5 minutes.

The devil stick comes with a pair of silicone covered wood hand sticks, or for seven dollars more you can get fiberglass sticks with a cast silicone cover.


Fire devilstick specifications
length 26.5 (67.5cm)
weight 6.7 ounce (190 grams)
tubing aluminum 6061 T-6, 0.5" (12.8mm) OD X 0.58" (1.5mm) wall thickness
kevlar blended wick 2� (5cm) X 2.25�(5.5cm), 24� (61cm) length of wick per end
grip black vinyl tape
tubing ends plugs with maple dowel
Renegade, handmade in USA

weight each 2.4 ounce (68 grams)
length 20" (51cm)
diameter 0.55" (14mm)
birch dowel 0.44'" (11mm)
silicone tubing cover 0.4" (2mm) wall thickness
Renegade, handmade in USA