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Fire Cable Poi
Fire Cable Poi
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Fire Poi Handles
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Fire Poi Heads
Fire Cable Poi
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Renegade fire poi are made for professional use, they are lightweight, and constructed from the best materials available. All of the metal hardware is either stainless steel or nickel-plated steel. The swivels and split ring connectors are high quality and selected with performance safety in mind.

You can order your fire poi in several configurations. Each set of fire poi is made to order, so you need to select from the options. If you are a beginner and not sure of the options you want, the default settings are selected with beginners in mind.


We measure the length of the poi from the end the finger loops to the end of the wick. Most people prefer a length that will not touch the ground when spinning. With your hands in a fist at your side and knees slightly bent, the poi wick should be a couple of inches above the ground. You can take this measurement with a piece of string or a set of poi if you have one. Advanced spinners often select different lengths that fit their dance style.

Finger loops

The double finger loop is made so that one finger is inserted into each loop. This is the finger loop style we recommend for beginners. The double finger loop comes with a secondary safety cord to prevent accidental releases of the poi. It is comfortable and easy to use. The single finger loop is made so the loop can be folded over and will synch down on your fingers. This makes for a very secure grip. The faster you spin the tighter the grip pulls on your fingers. Many people prefer this grip as it feels more secure. (Note, when you fold the finger loop it shortens the total length of the poi by one inch) In general most people prefer the grip that they are used to using, both of the grip options are very well made and work well. Advanced spinners select the grips to fit their dance techniques.


The line is the material used to attach the finger loops to the wick; it can be made from chain or cable.


The cable is stainless steel, with copper connectors. The cable cannot be adjusted or removed from the wick or finger loops. The advantage of cable is that it makes for a very light weight prop and tends not to get tangled if the poi wrap around each other. It is very durable and can be visually inspected to make sure of safety. The down side is the cable needs to be stored in a rigid container when being transported to avoid kinking.

Wick Assembly

Renegade offers five different wick assemblies for fire poi, all made from Renegade Kevlar wick

Large cathedral wick is a folded square using 36 inches wick. The washers and self-locking nut are made of stainless steel. This is the most economical and commonly used wick option. The flame will last about 3-5 minutes. Double cathedral wick is the same as the large cathedral wick but uses 72 inches of wick. It produces a much large flame and burns for a longer time 4-7 minutes.

Blaze Balls are a monkey fist knot tied around a wooden ball and metal eyebolt that is attached to the chain or cable with a swivel. Advantages of Blaze Balls over cathedral are: long burn times, improved longevity, reduction of exposed metal hardware (hot metal), a round shaped flame and clean look. Different sizes (2.5", 3.0" and 3.5") are available which directly relate to your personal preferences for weight, burn time and size of flame during performance. The most common Blaze Ball size used on fire poi sets is the 3" ball.


Kevlar wicked fire poi
stainless steel wire 64 strand 1/8 inch (2.4 mm)
grips nylon tube webbing 0.64 inch wide (16mm)
split rings stainless steel
swivels chrome plated nickel
cathedral wick stainless steel washer/nut eye bolt plated steel
blaze balls plated steel eye bolt, wood ball interior
weight of 24 inch long large cathedral wick, double loops
5.75 ounce (163 grams)
burn time 3-5 minutes
all parts made in USA
hand made by Renegade Juggling

Safety Information

Fire Cables Information & Safety

The customer is expected to inspect fire cables before each use
for signs of wear or failure and not to use damaged
equipment. This product is intended for adult jugglers who
are aware of the dangers inherent to the use of this
1. Always use the safety cord provided when using fire cables
to prevent loss of control in the case of an accidental
release. Put the loop of the safety cord around the wrist
first and slide the locking slider with the other hand to make a snug fit . Never swing cables by the safety cord-use the
finger loops instead.
2. Inspect equipment before each use and do not use if wear or
damage is detected. Replacement parts are available
from Renegade.
3. Never use fire cables indoors, near buildings or in any area
where a fire could start and get out of control. Use
common sense and give yourself enough room to preform
without endangering bystanders.
4. Never light fire cables until proficient at swinging. Gauge
your success by never coming in contact or close
proximity with the unlit wick while swinging, never
entangling the cables together and never having accidental
5. Do not alter the fire cable or substitute your own parts for the
parts provided.
6. Wear appropriate tight fitting, nonflammable clothing. Do
not wear synthetic clothes such as polyester or nylon. Tie
back and cover long hair.
7. Shake off excess fuel before lighting. Failure to do so will
result in drops of burning fuel being released and
travelling through the air for several feet creating a fire
8. Keep fuel in a closed, unbreakable fuel container at all times
away from unsuspecting bystanders. Use only lamp oil
or charcoal lighter fluid. Do not use white gas, gasoline
or other highly flammable petroleum products. Limit
fueling to an amount such that none is released from the wick when
9. Inspect any clothing or other flammable material if hit by a
burning fire cable wick. Ignited fuel can easily transfer
especially when freshly fueled and start clothing and
other materials on fire. Fire swingers or bystanders may
not know that they are on fire if hit with a burning wick.
10. Handle the fire cable from the finger loops or wrist strap
provided and avoid handling the cables at or below the
11. Be aware that fire cables can entangle themselves, or wrap
around the body and other objects in the path of a cable
in motion. This will entangle the object with
the burning wick and cable. Be prepared to respond defensively
if this happens.
12. Extinguish using a damp towel when finished being careful
to not get burned by hot metal on the equipment. Keep
hot equipment away from unsuspecting bystanders. Do
not put hot metal in contact with the finger loops or wrist
13. Always have a fire extinguisher and damp towels to use to
smother out a fire with an experienced operator ready to
use these safety items to extinguish a fire.