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Dance Hoops
Dance Hoops

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Join the craze! Hooping has made a comeback. These modern hoops are easier to use, with a multitude of beginner to intermediate level tricks coming more easily and naturally. The change is these new hoops are larger and heavier than the old style hoops which makes a world of difference for how they perform. Whether you are coming from a performance, fitness, dance, or fun perspective, you are going to like using the body hoops. For all body shapes, ages and levels - stay in shape and have fun!

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Click on the video tab to see Fraser Hooper performing his hoop routine. For more information about Fraser Hooper his website is below.


Hoop small
diameter outside 38 inch (96.5 cm)
weight 24 ounce (700 grams)

Hoop medium
diameter outside 42 inch (104cm)
weight 25 ounce (728 grams)

Hoop large
diameter outside 46 inch (119.5 cm)
weight 28.5 ounce (812 grams)

diameter of tubing 1.0 inch (26mm)
plastic tubing made in USA
assembled in USA

Weight and Hoop Diameter plus/minus 10%