British Juggling Festival, Best of DVD

Best of British DVD
Best of British DVD

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British Juggling Festival - Best of produced by Alan Plotkin. A compilation tape of the 3 British Fests, Norwich, Edinburgh and Nottingham. 2 hours of solid juggling action.

Norwich 95: Michiel Hessling, Hagis Mcleod, Charlie Dancey, Skate Naked and a lot of diaboloists headlined this excellent festival. The public show featured the juggling piano act of Full House from Switzerland and the Renegade shows featured vintage British heckling generously sprinkled into some great juggling.

Edinburgh '96 Juggling in the land of castles with Devil Stick Pete, Donald Grant, Blink, Haggis McLeod, Jay Gilligan. Nottingham 97 Feeding The Fish, Jay Gilligan, Ben Jennings & Sam I Am, Curious Eyebrows, Rod Laver, Martin Mall, Spectral FX, Ken Pretentious, Haggis & Charlie...


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