Acrylic Isolation Baton

Acrylic Isolation Baton
Acrylic Isolation Baton color options
Acrylic Isolation Baton close up of ball ends

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These batons are made of acrylic plastic and are commonly used in pairs to do isolation manipulation. This is a form of juggling where the batons are manipulated into different configurations using an isolation techniques 


These batons are made in Japan by Radfactor. 


240 grams
100% Acrylic Plastic ( made from 100% recycled material)
No bubbles or inclusions
length 52 cm ( 20.5 inches) shaft 15mm, balls 5 cm (2 inches) Made by Radfactor

Safety Information

Do not leave acrylic balls in direct sunlight, they can act as a magnifiying glass and burn the surface they are sitting on, or distort/melt the surface of the ball.