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Nylon Scarves by Renegade Juggling
Renegade Nylon Juggling Scarves
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Scarf Juggling Step By Step Pamphlet  

Juggling Scarf 23 Inch Square

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Jugging Scarves - A great instructional prop for teaching kids the cascade pattern. Juggling scarfs are the one of the first step in teaching juggling to primary school aged children. These scarves have a hemmed edge and are very high quality. For a scarf to juggle well it needs to be extremely light so it floats for a long time. This can only be achieved with very high quality looms to make this ultra thin fabric, that is why these scarves are far superior to others.


color note: the green and yellow are similar (not much contrast) in color when the scarve is unfolded.

Juggling Scarves
100% Nylon
size 23" X 23" (58cm x 58cm)
weight 5.7 grams
made in China

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