14 Panel Suede Leather Ball

14 Panel Suede Leather Ball
14 Panel Leather Ball
14 Panel Leather Ball Colors
14 Panel Leather Ball

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The 14 panel has a suede leather finish and is the largest size we offer in they type of juggling ball. This ball will soften with use, and like all beanbags it is great for practice, as it will not roll away if you drop it. It is a good size or large adults over 6 feet tall, or people who want a larger sized ball.

This ball is filled with plastic pellets, and comes in a matched weight set. With the 14 panel construction the ball really comes out round, it is a very high quality product.


14 panels suede leather
weight 4.6 oz (130 grams)
diameter 2.9" (71mm)
filled with plastic pellets
handmade in Pakistan