White PU Beanbag (64mm, 115 grams)

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These White Polyurethane (PU) bags are our best quality beanbag. They are made from Japanese Ultrafabic with a PU coating. Polyurethane coated cloth is much more durable than a Vinyl coated cloth with a superior grip and feel. Ulatrafabric is made for outdoor use and will not fade or peel like a Vinyl (PVC) fabric. These balls have at least double the life span of a vinyl coated cloth. The ball is constructed with a inner lycra bag, and then a six panel outer PU shell. This construction using a inner bag makes for a stiffer feel and longer lasting ball. The ball is sewn with high quality thread, filled with millet and sold in matched weights.


The use of PU coated cloth has become much more prevalent in recent years, though there is a wide range in fabric quality. It is not just the coating. High quality fabric has several layers of coatings, with a outer coating for polycarbonate. These high end fabrics are only made in Japan. Cheap copies of this type of fabric are made in China, but are not better PVC coated cloth.


Our PU balls come in four sizes 64mm (115 grams)  68mm (125 grams) 70mm ( 135 grams)  and 72mm (145 grams). All three sizes are good for juggling between 3-9 balls, with the smallest size better for high numbers, more than seven. For numbers juggling more than 5 balls, the 145 gram ball is a bit on the heavy size, so unless you are at least 6 feet tall, the 72mm ball might be a bit to heavy for more than 5 balls.



Polyurethane Coated Cloth
diameter 2.44" (65mm)
weight 115 grams
filled with millet with a inner lycra bag
cut, sewn and stuffed in Pakistan
fabric made in Japan Ultrafabric

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