Sheilded Kevlar Rope 10mm and 13mm

Sheilded Kevlar Rope 10mm and 13mm

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Sheilded Kevlar Rope 10mm and 13mm

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Renegade Shielded Kevlar Rope Wicking

Renegade has developed a new rope-wicking. It is made from two grades of aramid fibers. An outer black high-temperature sleeve rated at 900 °F. covering the inner core of a highly absorbent Kevlar spun thread bundle rated at 500 °F.  This solves the problem that high-temperature fibers, do not absorb fuel well. The high-temperature outer sleeve insulates the Kevlar inner core from overheating and degrading with use. 

The problem with 100% Kevlar rope wick is that it is under-rated for the heat generated in use. A typical monkey fist poi, using barbecue lighter fluid has a surface temperature of 530-634 °F.  When the poi moves slowly the surface temperature is as high as 634 °F, when spun fast it can cool to as low as 530°F.  Both above the 500 °F rated temperature for Kevlar.  Over time the Kevlar degrades from overheating and no longer is able to absorb fuel well.  The soft outer layer (spun layer) of the thread which holds the fuel has burned up.

Renegade Shielded Wicking will last many times longer than a 100% Kevlar wick, possibly longer than the other components of the prop.  The downside is it costs about 15 % more. The rope is very flexible, for easy knotting and weaving.

Renegade Juggling is stocking two sizes, 10mm (a little ticker than 3/8th inch) $ 1.75 per foot and 13mm (a little thicker than 1/2 inch) $ 2.50 per foot.


Diameter 10 mm
Diameter 13mm

Temperature rating sleeve 900 degrees, core 500 degress

When using wicking for juggling, the lower temperature fuels will help
the wick last longer. If you use lamp oil the prop will run much cooler
than if you use white gas.

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