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Holy Club

The Holy club was designed in 2010, a joint project of RdL (Renegadesignlab) and Mike Gilligan, Jay Gilligan's father. The main attribute is that the hole in the club can accommodate another club.

The Holy club is constructed from a Spotlight club, and modified with an round hole cut into it. This is the third version of this club. The first one was made from a Dube Airflight club, but that club is no longer available to us. The second version was made from a Play Prima club, but that club's plastic was too hard to cut so it did not work out.  Now we have settled on the Spotlight version, which works good and we have a good supply to make them with. Unfortunately we cannot make the other versions if wanted to match an older set.

Some unique tricks are only possible with Holy Clubs, their odd shape have inspired some new juggling tricks. If you are looking for a club thats new and has the potential for new tricks the Holy club can be an inspirational choice.

club length 19.5 inches, 49.5 cm
knob diameter 1.5 inhces, 3.8 cm
body width 3.32 inches, 8.4 cm
club weight 167 grams,
club color white only
one piece construction (no dowel) hollow body spotlight club
Club is modified by Mike Gilligan USA

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