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Finally completed through the many years of the initiative, Yabe Ryo produce...Read More

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Finally completed through the many years of the initiative, Yabe Ryo produced his first diabolo series "Feirin"!  

The edge of the cup is thicker, more susceptible to centrifugal force this is done by making the center of the diabolo lighter this design helps the rotation stay sustained longer. Shake during rotation is almost nil. The cups are very stiff so there isn't deformation during high-speed acceleration. The shell of the diabolo is also very scratch resistant.


The diabolo cup's hard plastic surface has very low friction to keep deceleration of the rotation to a minimum, occurring when adjusting the tilt of the diabolo stick or string. The stiff shell also allows for good bounce, so a true bounce trick is possible.


The diameter of the axle rim is narrower than the Sundia models this is done to reduce string contact with the center.


This is a very high tech diabolo, the advanced player will really appreciate the quality and design. Of course it is also good for all levels of player.


Made in Japan, so we only have limited quantities and colors


This diabolo now comes in both hard and soft translucent shell.

Length: 5 1/2" (14.5cm)
Diameter: 5" ( 12.5cm)
Weight: 255 grams
Made in Japan

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