Play MMX1 Filled Stage Ball (62mm, 105 grams)

mmx stage juggling
mmx stage juggling

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mmx stage juggling
mmx stage juggling

MMX Juggling Balls All MMX balls are made with a soft PVC exterior shell, and filled with millet. This ball is a cross between a traditional fabric bean bag and a hollow stage ball. The s...Read More

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MMX Juggling Balls

All MMX balls are made with a soft PVC exterior shell, and filled with millet. This ball is a cross between a traditional fabric bean bag and a hollow stage ball. The soft outer PVC shell of the balls is durable, waterproof and brightly colored. The millet filling allows the ball to have a dead bounce, so it does not roll away when dropped and feels very similar to a bean bag ball. The ball comes in four sizes depending on your use and size of your hands.

MMX1 62 mm (2.44 inch) diameter, 105 grams

This is the smallest size, measuring 2.44 in in diameter. This is a good size for adults doing numbers juggling of 7-9 balls, or for children under 4 feet tall, i.e. small hands. Children need to comfortably hold two balls in one hand. To give an idea of common ball sizes, golf balls are 42.6 mm, racquet balls are 57 mm, and tennis balls are 65 mm in diameter.

MMXplus 67 mm (2.63 inch), 135 grams

This size ball is just about the same size as a tennis ball, and most adults over 5 ft tall can hold 3 in one hand. It is a good size for 5 ball juggling and can also be used for 6-7 ball juggling. For 7 ball juggling, most people start with a pyramid of balls in one hand (3 in your palm and one on top of them).

MMX2 70 mm (2.75 inch), 150 grams

The 70 mm ball is just a bit smaller than a baseball (hard 73 mm). It is a nice size for adults over 5.5 ft tall juggling 3-5 balls, who have slightly larger hands than would fit the 67 mm ball. The 70 mm is also great for all sized adults doing just 3 ball juggling as larger sized balls generally look better for juggling with 3 balls. Since you only need to hold two in one hand to start, you can accommodate a larger sized ball.

MMX3 75 mm (2.95 inch), 180 grams

If you are over 6 ft tall and have large hands this is a good size ball for you. In general this ball is too heavy for smaller sized people, but if you are tall with big arms and hands this ball is ideal.

Additional Information

Many jugglers ask, "what colors should I get?" That is subjective to what you like! In general, if the balls are all the same color, a person watching cannot really see how many you are juggling. With sets of balls in mixed color the viewer can easily count the balls. Some jugglers like mixed colored sets so they can keep track of one or several balls to help them perform tricks, juggle in patterns that complement the mixed colors, or because they simply prefer the look of mixed colored balls.

All MMX balls are made with a plug that fits into the fill hole of the ball. This plug can move—it is held in by the friction of PVC. Over time the plug might start to come out of the ball, but if this happens just lightly press it back in. If the plug starts to shift too deep into the ball, you can pinch the ball and force the plug back up so it is flush with the outside of the ball. If by mistake or somehow the plug gets pushed all the way into the ball, contact us and we will send you a replacement plug.

For more help selecting the correctly sized juggling ball, check out our “Juggling Guide and Tips" section listed in the bottom footer of our website home page.

diameter 2.44 inch (62mm)
weight 4 ounce (105 gr) matte finish vinyl (PVC)
made in Italy by Play

by Chriss C. on 07/24/19

These juggling balls are great! I have had them for a couple months now, and have used them in several shows, as well as on a normal basis. I have often dropped them, and they barely show any signs of wear, or even discoloration. I got the 62 mm because I have small hands, but next time, I will get a bigger size. These are a good size for small hands to start with, especially if you are working with four or more. They are a good weight and color. I would definitely get these juggling balls again.

by K. Rufener on 12/29/19

Bought these for my adult son as a gift. He's an above average amateur and said they're the best juggling balls he's ever used

by A. Steele on 02/29/20

I purchased the Play MMX1 Filled Stage Ball size 62mm in orange for my 8 yr old Grandson and he loves them! Will definitely choose this site again for fun stuff!

by Chriss C. on 07/13/20

by Calvin Nelson on 12/24/20

by Jacob P. on 12/01/21

Perfect sized ball for numbers juggling! Renegade juggling is the best!!! I buy all my juggling equipment from them! Excellent customer service and very Prompt shipping! Can't say enough good things about Renegade simply the best 👌 .

by Sam B. on 03/07/22

These have changed a bit since I bought my first ones about 10 years ago, but only for the better! The plug is a bit less recessed and is now color matched rather than black. I'm happy I went back for more.

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