Large Vinyl Beanbag (72mm, 155 grams)

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Vinyl Bean Bags


These are the most common jugging balls are made of a vinyl (PVC) coated cloth, filled with bird seed. The bean bag ball (though never made with beans) is really nice for juggling because the ball will not roll when dropped. It also will not bounce off another ball if there is a mid air collision.  This ball is the softest type of juggling ball, with a very squishy fee. There is a wide variety of juggling balls that look essentially the same as this ball. The difference between balls is the quality of fabric, thread, how well it is sewn and that the all the balls have the same weight.  In general all juggling balls made in China are very low quality, which we do not sell. Our vinyl  balls comes in 4 sizes.

Extra-small, these balls are 2.25 inches in diameter, the same size as a racquetball. For an adult juggler you can easily hold three in one hand, and maybe even four balls. For numbers juggling 6-9 balls this is good size, as some jugglers like to start the pattern with four ball flat in one hand, but not stacked like a pyramid in your hand ( the fourth ball, on top of the bottom three)

This size is also good for children under 4.5 feet tall, as they can comfortably hold two balls in one hand. 

Small size is the most common sized juggling bag 2 5/8 inches, 130 grams, and about the size of a tennis ball. This ball is good for 3-7 ball juggling. This ball could also be used for children if they are over 4.5 feet tall, and is a good size for all adult beginners.

Large size beanbag 72 mm with a weight of 155 grams. This is a nice sized ball, noticeable bigger than the standard small sized bean bag, but not too heavy.  The balls have a squishy balls feel. They are easy to catch, without any bounce. They also will not won't fly out of a juggling pattern if they collide. They balls are a good size for all jugglers who want a slightly more visible ball but still be able to comfortably hold three balls in one hand. This is a nice size ball for all jugglers over 4.5 feet tall.

Extra Large 3.25 inches ( 83mm), 235 grams. The extra large size would be good for jugglers who are tall, over 6 feet and have large hands and arm. In general 235 grams is too heavy for average sized people.

Jumbo Ball 4 inches  465 grams. This ball is for clowning, magic tricks or other applications where you want a really huge juggling  ball. It is too heavy for long term juggling, but can be nice size for a joke or trick.

Vinyl Coated Cloth
diameter 72mm
weight 155 grams
filled with bird seeds
cut, sewn and stuffed in USA
fabric made in Canada

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