Juggling DVD's and Books

British Juggling Convention, Derby 2004
British Juggling Festival, Best of DVD
European Juggling Convention, Edinburgh 1998
Best of Hawiian Vaudeville Festival '87 - '99 DVD
EJC Juggling Conventions, Bremen 2003, Svendborg 2003
Portland Juggling Festival 1995 & 1999 DVD
Cigar Box Juggling DVD with Brian Patz
Buffalo 2004, Monreal 2000, Reading 2002 and Best of Renegade
World Clown Fest '96, World Clown Fest Skits/ Laughlin NV DVD
Poi Spinning, Focus on Transitions
Diabology, The Art of Diabolo
Will Roya Diabolo Instructional DVD
Bindlestiff Family Circus - The first ten years
Flying Karamazov Brothers Scrapbook DVD
The Jugglers That Jugglers Watch
The Third, Tony Pezzo (DVD)
Third World Juggling
Water on Mars, Wes Peden, Tony Pezzo, Patrik Elmnert
Wes Peden Synthetic
Women Who Juggle