All Juggling Clubs

Gora Juggling Fire Sword
PX4 Sirius
Renegade 95mm Wood Dowel, Un-Decorated
Renegade Juggling Torch
PX3 Sirius
Renegade 95mm Wood Dowel Black and White
95mm Px4 hybrid
Play Mephisto Juggling Torch
PX4 Quantum
Renegade 95mm + fiberglass dowel Un-decorated
Renegade 95mm Wood Dowel Colored Rubber
Renegade 95mm Wood Dowel Decorated
Renegade 95mm+ fiberglass Dowel Decorated
Gora SwingingTorch/Staff
PX3 Quantum
Renegade 95mm+ Plastic Dowel Decorated
Renegade Swinging Torch
PX4 Vegas
Renegade Juggling Club Un-Decorated 75mm
Renegade Juggling Clubs Decorated 105mm
Renegade Juggling Clubs Decorated 75mm
Renegade Juggling Club Un-Decorated 85mm
Renegade Juggling Clubs Decorated 85mm
Glow Club (LED)
PX3 Vegas
Renegade 85mm + fiberglass dowel
Glow Club K-8 Prophecy RGB-IR
PX4 Sirius Short Handle (19.25 inch)
Renegade Juggling Clubs Un-Decorated 105mm
Play Prima One Piece Club
Renegade Fathead Club
Renegade Cuphead Club
Renegadesignlab (RdL) Flathead Club
Renegadesignlab (RdL) Holy Club
Renegade Juggling Clubs Black and White
Gora Fire Prop Bags
Swinging Torch Wick Ends and Wood Knobs
Henrys Delphin Long
Kevlar Replacement Wick
18" x 2" x 1/8"
Henrys Delphin Short
Henrys Loop Training
Henrys Loop Grip
Henrys Nite Flight Juggling Torch
Henrys Pirouette Grip
Henrys Pirouette Training
Play-Renegade Hybrid-1
Play-Renegade Hybrid-2
Play-Renegade Hybrid-3 85mm
Spotlight One-Piece Club
Pre-cut Club Decoration Foil
Henrys Club Parts Delphin Long
Henrys Club Parts Delphin Short
Henrys Club Parts Knobs
Henrys Club Parts Loop Training & Grip
Henrys Club Parts Piroette Training & Grip
Play Club Parts Quantum Px3 and Px4
Play Club Parts Sirius Px3 and Px4
Play Club Parts Vegas Px3 and Px4
Barge Cement Knob Glue
Renegade club replacement parts
Renegade Jugging Club Parts 95 mm
Renegade Juggling Club Parts 85 mm
Vinyl Tape and Clear Tape 1/2, 3/4 inch
Stunning Starts and Fancy Finishes for Club Jugglers
Club Juggling, A Step by Step Pamphlet
Compendium of Club Juggling
Club Juggling and Passing DVD
Gatto, from Vaudeville Acro-Cat to the King of Juggling
Niels Duinker DVD
To Be The Best 3 Anthony Gatto

All Juggling Clubs


Our full product line includes juggling clubs made by Henrys, Play and Renegade Juggling. For general information on the different types of juggling clubs, please go to the club category page. If you want detailed information on a particular model of juggling club, please go to the product page.


• Renegade jugging clubs come in many size and bodies types, including: 75mm, 85mm, 105mm, Fathead, and Black and Whites.

• Play juggling clubs, Px4 Sirius, Px3 sirius, Px4 quantum, Px3 qwuantum, Px3 sirius, Px3 vegas and Px4 vegas all are assembled in our workshop in Santa Cruz.

• Specialty Renegade clubs like cuphead, fathead, holy and hybrid clubs are used for contemporary juggling styles.

• Henrys juggling clubs, including the delphin, loop, grip, and pirouette models, are custom-made to your specifications. 

• LED juggling clubs come in two styles using either button or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

• K8 RGB LED glow clubs are controlled by an infrared remote control so you can quickly change colors of the clubs.