Beanbags, MMX & Leather Balls

Play MMX1 Filled Stage Ball (62mm, 105 grams)
Play MMXplus Filled Stage Ball (67mm, 135 grams)
Play MMX2 Filled Stage Ball (70mm, 150 grams)
Play MMX3 Filled Stage Ball (75mm, 180 grams)
Extra Small Vinyl Beanbag (56mm, 75 grams)
Small Vinyl Beanbag (68mm, 130 grams)
Large Vinyl Beanbag (72mm, 155 grams)
Extra Large Vinyl Beanbag (83mm, 230 grams)
Jumbo Vinyl Beanbag (100mm, 495 grams)
White PU Beanbag (64mm, 115 grams)
White PU Beanbag (68mm, 125 grams)
White PU Beanbag (70mm, 135 gram)
White PU Beanbag (72mm, 145 grams)
Printed PU Beanbag (65mm, 116 grams)
Printed PU Beanbag (69mm, 130 grams)
Printed PU Beanbag (72mm, 140 grams)
12 Panel Teaching Beanbag (65mm, 135 grams)
RdL Teaching Vinyl Beanbag (70mm, 135 grams)
Instructional Beanbag (64mm, 94 grams)
Instructional Beanbag Set of Three (65mm, 67 grams)
4 Panel Numbers Suede Ball (55mm, 62 grams)
8 Panel Numbers Suede Ball ( 60mm, 69 grams)
4 Panel Suede Ball (67mm, 100 grams)
8 Panel Suede Ball (70mm, 110 grams)
12 Panel Suede Leather Ball ( 70mm, 135 grams)
12 Panel Smooth Leather Ball (70mm, 135 grams)
14 Panel Suede Leather Ball (75mm, 130 grams)
Beard DX Filled Stage Ball (69 mm, 140 grams)
Rastelli Leather Ball

Beanbags, MMX & Leather Balls


Renegade Juggling offers five types of beanbag balls, MMX filled stage balls, vinyl balls, leather balls, and cloth balls. This type of juggling ball is filled with millet, bird seed or plastic pellets. The main difference between all these types of beanbags is the materials used to make the exterior. The majority of beanbags are filled with millet.


The main advantages of a beanbag-type ball are: they are easy to grip in your hands for starting your first throws of a juggling pattern, and when (if) you drop the ball, it will not roll away. This is important for a beginner, so that you spend less time chasing down balls and more time juggling. Beanbag balls also do not tend to bounce off each other as much if they collide in the air. They are more forgiving for both beginner or advanced jugglers.


• MMX filled stage ball has a tough, molded PVC outer shell, and is very durable, waterproof and made in bright colors.


• Vinyl Beanbag ball is made of vinyl-coated fabric, which is very soft and easy to grip.


•  PU beanbags are polyurethane-coated fabric, made with both inner bag and outer bag.


• Leather beanbags are very durable and come in lots of patterns and sizes.


• Cloth beanbags and triangles are machine washable and low cost.



Pro-Tips ( advanced and intermediate players)


Beanbag balls have a range of fabric quality. Most beanbags are made of vinyl-coated material. Over time, these balls’ coating will peel off the cloth backing. More modern fabrics are available and they are coated with polyurethane (PU) rather than vinyl. Peeling fabric can be prevented with a good UV protection package. Ultraviolet light degradation causes the coating to peel. High-quality PU fabrics made in Japan are for outdoor applications (boating and outdoor furniture). They will last much longer than cheaper materials. Low-quality Chinese PU-coated cloth does not last any longer than vinyl. High- quality Japanese PU fabric costs $50.00 per yard, while low-quality Chinese vinyl or PU fabric costs $5.00 per yard.