Gora Baby Dragon Staffs

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Baby Dragon Staffs Works like a slow feicha- an ancient chinese martial art weapon...Read More

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Baby Dragon Staffs

Works like a slow feicha- an ancient chinese martial art weapon

It can be handled like normal contact staffs, but the rolling makes it unique. The crosses at the ends spin very quickly, making fire circles, while the stick and the huge flames at the end roll very slowly. It gives the strange effect that the body movement is more static, but the fire is spinning very dynamically.

The middle tube, the cross sticks are made of aluminum 7075. This alloy makes it possible to to have very durable spins, which are light weight. This alloy has the same tensile strength as steel, but it is light like aluminum.

This is the “old-school” dragon version the first staIt has advantages compared to other dragon staff. The biggestIt can be dismantled into the staff (shaft) a

spin lenght 3.25 inch, wick 1.5 inch x 1 inch

long baby staff total weight 386 grams

short baby staff total weifht 346

 -Do not use white gas, gasoline or alcohol fuels. Only use lamp oil, barbecue lighter fluid, or kerosene 

- Do not hold the staff vertically. Spin it, or keep it horizontal! 

- Handle the grip carefully to avoid damage.

Use lamp oil or white gas, lamp oil burns at a much lower temperature.
Always shake out excess fuel before you light up the torch.
Make sure that no fuel gets on the body of the staff it is not fire proof.
Be carful to put away fueling bottles before you light your torches.

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