Sundia Nimble Diabolo single bearing ratchet axle
Sundia Marble Diabolo
Sundia Shining Diabolo (triple bearing option)
Sundia Storm Diabolo
Sundia Trifecta Diabolo
Sundia Evolution G2 Plus Diabolo
Sundia Evolution G3
Sundia Half Diabolo Top
Sundia Triple Bearing Micro High Flyer Diabolo
Radfactor Sorin Diabolo
Henrys Circus Diabolo
Henrys Vision Diabolo
Super v2 Taibolo
Glary Taibolo
Note Ratchet Bearing Diabolo
Fyrefli Fire Diabolo
Play Comet Diabolo
Light Weight Taibolo Diabolo
K8 Sundia IR-RGB LED Diabolo
Renegade Diabolo
The Diabolo from A to Z by Mister Babache
My First Diabolo Book, Stick Grinds and Suicides, Crazy Cradles and Baffling Body Moves, Two Hot To Handle, Totally Diabolical
Fire Diabolo String
Taiwanese Wide Axle Diabolo
Henrys Diabolo Hand-Sticks
Sundia Diabolo Hand-Sticks
Play Diabolo Handsticks Deos and Geko
Sundia Diabolo String
Deos Diabolo String
LED for Sundia
Henrys Diabolo String Rolls
Diabolo Axle Kits for Sundia
Diabology, The Art of Diabolo
Will Roya Diabolo Instructional DVD



Renegade has selected the best quality diabolos on the market. You can find a diabolo that is good for anyone’s age and skill level. Below are the main factors to be considered when choosing a diabolo.


Size and Weight

Children need to use a smaller diameter (Comet diabolo) or lighter weight diabolo (Tiabolo light weight) as their arms are not strong enough for a full sized diabolo. Adults and teens need a large-size diameter one (5”). All large diabolos come in two types: fixed axle or bearing axle. 


Fixed Axle 

This is the best for beginners. You can pull up on the string to give the diabolo speed in both directions. The diabolo spins on the string. Over time, the friction of the string on the center part of the axle gradually slows down the diabolo’s spin.


Bearing Axle

This type of axle is fixed in one direction and spins on a bearing in the other direction. Spinning on a bearing, rather than on the string, allows it to spin longer. The disadvantage is that you need to keep track of which way the diabolo is facing, so you are pulling up on the string in the fixed direction to give it speed. Many advanced tricks are only possible with a bearing diabolo.


Hand Sticks

There are many kinds of diabolo hand sticks. Advanced players will want a stick that has the correct balance and weight. For beginners, the wood or metal sticks are better to start out with. The advanced carbon sticks are not as durable.


Diabolo String

There are many kinds of diabolo string. Each brand of string is slightly different. Advanced players have personal preferences, based on what kind of tricks they are doing. The most important thing is to change the string often to get good performance. 


Pro tips (advanced and intermediate players)


The type of string is very important for advanced tricks. All of the string brands are good for beginner to intermediate players, but for harder tricks, e.g., x-caliber, the sting needs to be thicker and suppler. There are various opinions on what string is best for a given trick. Once you are accustomed to a brand of string, a different one will feel awkward. The most advanced diabolo players are from Japan and Taiwan, and the majority of them use Sundia string. How often you change the string is also important; advanced players change their Sundia string after about 10 hours of use or less.


The bearing diabolo has changed a lot in design. The concept has been copied by most brands. There is a big quality difference among the various bearing types and designs. The best bearings are on the Sundia G3, followed by the Sundia trifecta. Cheaper brands do not have nearly the same quality level.