Cone Hat Solid Colors

clown hat
cone head clown hat
clown hat
cone head clown hat

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clown hat
cone head clown hat
clown hat
cone head clown hat

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Clown Cone Hat

This is the original Cone Clown hat made in Denmark. It is masterfully made using Italian imported felt, ribbon and thread. It is made with a single layer of felt and a folded over rim for keeping its shape.

One of most important features of this hat, is that it is symmetrically round, there is not a front or back to the hat. This hat is too light for any kind of toss hat tricks, and is made as to be used as a costume hat.

Look at more information tab for size chart.

For more information on selecting juggling hat and how to figure out what size hat will fit you, click on the link below.


Cone Hat
felt one layer
weight 61 cm hat total height 8 inches

weight 59 cm hat total height 7 inch (19 cm)

weight 57 cm hat total height 7 inch (17.8 cm)
100% wool
made in Denmark

weights plus/minus 10% due to natural felt thickness variation

The best way to size the hat is to make a head band out of folded
paper. Tape two sheet together length wise and fold into a 2 inch
wide band. Fit this band to your head, which is tape together in a circle.
Remember a little bigger is better for juggling hat. When you have a
nice fit, cut the band, measure its length and look at the chart
below to find your closest hat size under "circumference in inches".
6 5/820 1/453X-Small
6 3/421 1/854Small
6 7/821 1/255Small
721 7/856Medium
7 1/822 1/457Medium
7 1/422 5/858Large
7 3/82359Large
7 1/223 1/260X-Large
7 5/823 7/861X-Large
7 3/424 1/462XX-Large
7 7/824 5/863XX-Large

by Leslie S. on 02/16/22

I like the look of this hat a lot and, I can manage several tricks but it's really not intended to be juggled more of a costume piece,

by Roy M. on 09/19/22

This is, by far, the stinkiest hat I've ever bought. My first thought opening the box was: "That smells like bacon." But actually it's more like if you were at a festival and you had a booth down wind from a barbecue smoker and the smell permeated all your clothes. The greasy thumb print over the soft spot where the felt is distorted from failed attempts at flipping sort of adds to the "flavor". I've lightly cleaned and deodorized but there is still a noticeable smell and stain. Airing it out for a couple more weeks and another spot clean should clean it up. As for the hat, it's great for my costume, and I would recommend -- just ask for one that is bacon free.

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