Vintage Rolling Hoops

Vintage Rolling Hoops
Vintage Rolling Hoops
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Vintage Rolling Hoops

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Play Juggling Vintage Rolling hoops. These are a replica of the traditional rolling hoop which was a hickory wood bicycle rim. These classic props are made of unbreakable nylon in the traditional size range and profile as the original wood rim, 25, 20 and 15 inch diameter.

William Everhart is attributed to be the first know performer of rolling hoops 1890-1901. Later other
performers, Howard Nicloas, Arthur Ward, Kraton Family, Bob Bramson and many others made hoop rolling a standard juggling act.

The sizing of the hoops and use varied by performer. In general the largest size was used for stage rolling, the middle size was for three/four ring body rolls and the smallest size for toss juggling. The combination of the three size have high visual impact on stage and could be used as a traditional statue finish prop. The first person thought to juggle 6 rings, used a small sized wood bicycle rim.

There is very limited historical film footage of hoop rolling acts, so the art form is going to have to be re-created in a large part from scratch. The middle size rings seem to have potential as a contact ring, similar to contact staff. Maybe some of the modern techniques developed with contact staffs and isolation hoops could be transferred over to this vintage prop. The weight of the ring seems to give it sufficient stability.