Russian Ball 3 inch (75mm) - 130 gr

Russian Ball 3 inch (75mm) - 130 gr
Russian Ball 3 inch (75mm) - 130 gr

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These hollow vinyl Russian Stages Balls are partially filled with micro-glass breads.

The ball is molded out of high gloss flexible vinyl, which gives it a very nice feel. It has a 3 inch diameter for high visibility, making them excellent for performing. This ball can also be used for contact juggling, it has a much deader bounce than a normal stage ball. The filling is designed to make stalls and body rolls much easier.

This ball has the thicker shell than the radfactor russain balls, which are much thinner. A thicker shell makes the ball have less of a russain effect. This ball falls in the middel between a sil-x ball ( weak russain effect) and the radfactor ball ( strong russain effect).

This ball is made with a Play Juggling PVC shell, the same shell used to make Sil-x Balls.


Three Inch Stage Ball
diameter 3.0� (76mm)
weight 130 grams ( shell 80 grams, fill 50 grams
gloss finish vinyl (PVC made in USA)
molded in USA