Renegadesignlab (RdL) Solid Triangle, Square, Circle Rings

Renegadesignlab (RdL) Solid Triangle, Square, Circle Rings

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Renegadesignlab (RDL), triangle and square rings? These "rings" are a new development for manipulation. They are pretty hard to juggle and need to be thrown like clubs with an accurate number of spins. Most of the routines so far have been less toss juggling and more contact/isolation manipulation. But regardless, if you are interested in something new (with undiscovered tricks) a squares, triangle circle ring set might just be what you are looking for!

This is a new set of rings, made from 1/8 inch plastic, like the standard flat ring (not hollow). All three rings are based on a 13 inch size. The circle and square are both 13 inches in diameter and the trinagels was sized to match them.

The weights are pretty close, circle 92 grams, triangle 97 grams and square 107 grams.