Renegadesignlab (RdL) TracRing

track ring shown with 100mm sol-x ball
three sizes of track rings

Catalog Number:ManRing:TracRing

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White / 19 inch


White / 15 inch


White / 14 inch


White / 14 inch, with 78 mm white sil-x


White / 15 inch. with 78 mm white sil-x


White / 19 inch, with 78 mm white sil-x




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Renegadesignlab (RDL) TracRing, shown with a sil-x 100 mm ball. The TracRing comes in three diameters: 14 inch, 15 inch and 19 inch diameter. It is easy to manipulate with a sil-x ball (78 mm), both outside and inside of the ring. It has potential as a very good contact ball/ring routine.

The TracRings are made from Renegade Hollow Rings, with four one inch diameter tubing spacers, that separate the rings to make it into a track. The tubes are spot welded in place.

The larger diameter ring (19 inch) size seems to be easier for isolation type moves. Where as the smaller sizes are better for combinations with toss juggling, or spinning the ball inside of the ring.



diameter 40.5cm
weight 337 grams
track width 3 cm
made from Babashe 40.5 cm ring
made by renegade juggling