Renegadesignlab (RdL) iSo-Triple Ring

Renegadesignlab (RdL) iSo-Triple Ring

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Renegadesignlab (RDL), iSo-Triple ring, is a triple isolation ring. If you islolate the outer ring the inner ring appears to move in a cirlce inside the big ring. If you isolate the middle ring, the big ring appears to move around the smaller ring. If you isolate the smallest ring, the outer ring appears to to be fixed and the middle ring rotates. All very cool looking illusions. Big 20 inch diameter.

The ring is made of 3/16 thick white plastic, the edge of the ring is flat with a beveled edge.


Big ring diameter 20 inches (50.6cm), small 10 inches (25.3 cm)
weight 207 grams grams
thickness 1/8 inch
ring diameter 1.4 inches
material ABS
made by Renegade Juggling