Renegadesignlab (RdL) Flathead Club

Renegadesignlab Flathead Club
Renegadesignlab Flathead Club
flathead club
flathead club
Laura Safargalina and the Boys
Laura Safargalina and the Boys
Stanislav and Gulya Knyazkov
Stanislav and Gulya Knyazkov
Renegadesignlab Flathead Club
flathead club
Laura Safargalina and the Boys
Stanislav and Gulya Knyazkov

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The Flathead club was designed in 2009, a joint project of RdL (Renegadesignlab) and Stanislav Knyazkov, a Russian club passer. The main attribute is that this club can be placed on a table standing with the knob up, and then kicked to a juggler. This is the final trick of the Knyazkov routine. This very difficult table kicking routine is performed by Gulya Knyazkov.

The flathead is constructed the same as the 95MM clubs, with a modified body that has the top (cap) end of the club body cut shorter. It uses the same maple dowel, handle, knob and shell weight as a 95mm club. Other than shell shape, this club juggles identical to a short handle (19”) 95mm club.

Advanced jugglers can easily handle these clubs in all types of juggling patterns, from five club solo work to nine club passing. Some unique tricks are only possible with flathead clubs, their odd shape have inspired some new juggling tricks. Floor tumbling and juggling is a real possiblity with this flathead club. If you are looking for a club thats new and has the potential for new tricks the flathead club can be an inspirational choice.

It is only made with a white body and short handle (19”) length, however you can make a special custom order if you prefer another body color, or other options email:


Flathead Club Specifications
19" Length (48.3 cm)
3/4 inch (19 mm) soft maple dowel club weight 225- 240 grams
Handle wrap un-taped 0.30 inch(7.6mm) HDPE
Knob and Cap rubber
Shell (club body) 3.75 inch ( 95mm ) Hard body LLDPE Shell colors, white, other color special order
Club are hand made in Santa Cruz CA, all parts made in USA