Gora SwingingTorch/Staff

Gora SwingingTorch/Staff

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Pair with magnet connector




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Magnetic Swinging Torch/ Staff


The balls of the swinging torches connect together to make a staff with a magnet. The swingers are 20/5 inches long and have a 1 5/8 knob. When you make it into a staff it has a length of 41 inches.  The bar magnet that connect the knobs is very strong so it does work well as a small staff. The total weight is 306 grams.


knob sizes wood, 1 5/8
club length 20.5
total weight 306
wick head 3 inches x 1.5 inches

Safety Information

Swinging Torch Care & Maintenance

Renegade Swinging torches are designed specifically
for club swinging and are not intended to be
thrown/juggled. In order to keep your torches in good
condition it is very important that you follow our
recommended instructions for proper use and safety.


There are many types fuels that can be
used on the torches. The best in regards to
safety and getting the maximum life span
out of your swinging torches is to use lamp
oil (kerosene, paraffin or charcoal lighter).
This type of fuel is not explosively volatile
like white gas (Coleman Fuel, camp stove
fuel), and it burns at a much lower temperature.
Many jugglers prefer white gas, as it
produces a brighter flame, and lights very
quickly. It is much more dangerous that
lamp oil and can reduces the live span ofv your torches.

Equipment Use and Techniques

You can either dip the torches in a
container of fuel or squirt on the fuel, (a
plastic charcoal lighter fluid bottle works
good). After applying the fuel be sure to
shake out any excess fuel from your torch
wicks before lighting them. If you do not,
the torches will spray little fire droplets off
the wicks as you swing them. Shaking off
the excess fuel, is also important, so that the
fuel does not run down the metal sleeve and
onto the rubber gasket/handle
The rubber gasket/handle in not fire
proof and must be kept away from prolonged
contact with the flames from the
wick head or another torch. Fire may come
into contact with this rubber gasket, when a
torch is held in a downward orientation or
when several torches are held in one hand.
If the rubber gasket gets too hot it can melt
or in extreme cases catch on fire. If this
happens blow out the torch and let it cool
before relighting it. Always hold your
torches upright, when not spinning. Never
leave the torch on the ground while burning.
You will increase the life span of the
wick if you always extinguish the torch
before the flame dies out. This is because
you will burn the wick material after all the
fuel is used up. Let your torches cool off for
several minutes before refueling and lighting


Obviously this is where a lot of common
sense plays in. The surface you are
swinging on should not be flammable, (dry
grass, carpet or such). You should not be
wearing highly flammable costumes or
loose polyester clothing that can easily
catch on fire. The best clothing to wear is
tight fitting 100% thick cotton or leather.
Pay particular attention to what you do
with your fuel container after you have
fueled up your torches. Never leave fuel
containers open, a dropped torch can knock
over the container and start a fire. Always
store your fuel in an appropriate container,
which is made for fuel storage.
Always have a spotter watching you
swinging fire who is paying attention and is
ready to respond to an accidental fire. They
should have a damp 100% cotton towel (fire
blanket) on hand to put out any small fires
that might occur. This damp towel is also a
good way to put out the torches if the flame
is too large to blow out. It is prudent to
rehearse safety routines and to have a code
word like �STOP� in case the person is on
fire themselves so that the spotter can reach
the performer without getting hit by
swinging torch. When performing swinging
torches you should also have a CO2 fire
extinguisher on hand in case of fire.
Inspect your swinging torches regularly
for any signs of wear or failure. Do not use
fire equipment that looks damaged or is in
poor repair. Make sure the wick and knob is
securely fastened and is not loose.

Replacement wicks

Replacement wicks and other repair
parts may be purchase directly from our
website at www.renegadejuggling.com. You
will need (2) 18 inches of 2" X 1/8" which
you braid together to make the cube shape,
tuck the last pieces into the braid so you do
not have any loose ends. You can also order
the wick already made into the cube shape
from our website, if you prefer. Make sure
that when you replace the screw that the
dowel is not to burned out to securely hold
the screw into place.

Storage and Transportation

Torches should be stored in a metal
container, tool box or other fire proof can.
The torch wick may contain unburned fuel
that remains flammable. The stored torches
should not come in contact with high heat of
sparks. Many commercial airlines will no
longer allow torches in checked bags that
have residue fuel on them. When flying it
may be possible that they will not be allowed
on the plane if you bag is inspected
and they can see the torches.