Renegade Stage Ring 1/2 x 19 inch

Rengade Hollow Stage Ring 19
Rengade Hollow Stage Ring 19 inch diameter
Ring Diameter
Ring Diameter 12, 14 15 and 19 inch
Rengade Hollow Stage Ring 19
Ring Diameter

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Renegade Rings are hollow in cross section and thicker than a standard ring which makes them very easy on your hands. They can be used for solo juggling, team passing, bounce passing, multi-object manipulation, foot spinning, and isolation contact juggling. You'll love the way they feel and fly, soft to catch and accurate to throw.

The 19 inch x 1/2 inch stage ring is our biggest and highest visibility ring, which will look great for passing patterns and solo juggling especially shows with a larger, (distant) audience. Passing eight of these rings is harder than with smaller sizes. Contact juggling (body rolls), ring spins (arms, legs and neck), and isolations look better with a larger sized ring. Actual size: 18.625 inches.

video content, Darren Wakefield using these hollow ring for contact juggling.


19 inch 1/2 inch thickness ring
diameter OD 18.75� (47.3mm) ID 15.25� (19mm)
thickness 0.5 inch (12.5mm)
weight 5.65 ounce (160 grams)
made from HDPE
made in USA by Renegade