Renegade Juggling Club Un-Decorated 75mm (short)

Renegade Juggling Clubs Un-Decorated 75mm
Renegade Juggling Clubs Un-Decorated 75mm
Body Colors
body colors
purple, blue, aqua, green, yellow, orange, tangerine, red, pink, white
Untaped/Taped Handles & Knob Types
Untaped/Taped Handles & Knob Types
Renegade Juggling Clubs Un-Decorated 75mm
Body Colors
Untaped/Taped Handles & Knob Types

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In 1984 Nick Gatto asked if we could design a special club for his son Anthony. After working on several designs we came up the 75MM numbers club. In 1985 we tested several club lengths, weights and spins to arrive at our final version. The original concept was to use the 75MM as training clubs for learning six or seven club solo juggling patterns and then switch to the 95MM short handled club after perfecting the pattern.

This training strategy was very successful. When you advance to eight club and nine club solo juggling, holding four clubs in each hand for the initial release is only possible with the numbers club. This club is not recommended for juggling patterns of less than six clubs. The lightweight and short length of the club makes it difficult to handle double spin throws. An important factor in selecting a club is the overall weight of the club. If the club is too light (under 7.5 oz.) it will tend to bounce out of your hand when you try to catch it. The throws will also be less accurate because there is not enough resistance for the strength of your arms. A light club will also be easily effected by wind when juggling outdoors. If you are interested in trying to learn five club juggling we would recommend the 95MM or 85MM club.The 75MM club can also be used as a child's club.

If the juggler is less than 4 1/2 feet tall this club is the perfect size for them. The short length, lightweight and narrow handle is well proportioned to size and strength of their bodies. When the child approaches five feet tall they should be able to use the 85MM club (short handle) and this would be a better selection.


75mm Club Specifications
19" Standard Length (48.3 cm)
5/8� (19 mm) soft maple dowel club weight 175-180 grams
Handle wrap taped 0.20� HDPE (5mm) un-taped 0.30� (7.6mm) HDPE
Handle tape 0.10� (2.5mm) vinyl tape
Knob and Cap rubber
Shell (club body) width 2.95� ( 75mm ) Hard body LLDPE Shell colors, white, red, yellow, pink, green, blue, aqua, orange, tangerine, yellow, all color day-glow florescent except white
Club are hand made in Santa Cruz CA, all parts made in USA