Renegade 95mm + fiberglass dowel

Renegade 95mm +
Renegade 95mm +
Renegade 95mm +
Renegade 95mm +
Renegade 95mm +
Renegade 95mm +

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Flat Cap Colors

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Knob Colors

Taped Handle (vinyl)

Fixed Weight: 230 grams

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This is new model (2017) Renegade 95mm +, incorporates a fiberglass dowel, blow molded body, and injection molded knobs and caps. This new design, has a weight of (230) grams.


Injection molded caps and knobs enables a wide variety of color combinations. Knobs come in two styles: the traditional renegade flat bottom knob, or a round knob. Combine the colors of the body, knob, and cap to create a unique design.


The standard length (20.25 inches) has a slow and lofty spin making it great for body tricks, club passing and solo juggling. Shorter jugglers may prefer a short handle version (shorter length), but in general, most people order standard length (20.25 inches)


The 95mm Renegade + has a blow molded club body, giving this club unrivaled handling and durability. The spin of the club is excellent for all type and levels of juggling.


The main feature of this new club is the fiberglass dowel, with it's fixed, light weight. It's extemely durable with a wood-like feel, yet more durable than wood, and the fiberglass dowel will not absorb water like wood dowels might in humid conditions.


95mm Club Specifications
20 1/4" Standard Length (51.4 cm)
19 3/4" Custom Length (50.2 cm)
19 1/2" Custom Length (49.5 cm)
19 1/4" Custom Length (48.9 cm)
19" Custom Length (48.3 cm)
5/8 inch fiberglass dowel club weight 230 grams
Handle wrap taped 0.20 inch HDPE
Handle tape 0.10 inch (2.5mm) vinyl tape
Knob and Cap injection molded
Shell (club body) width 3.75 inch ( 95mm ) Hard body LLDPE Soft Body LDPE
Shell colors, white, red, yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, yellow, all color day-glow florescent except red and white
Club are hand made in Santa Cruz CA,