RdL Bowler Poll Hat

RdL Bowler Poll Hat
RdL Bowler Poll Hats

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The Double Felt Bowler Hat was designed and manufactured specifically for manipulation. It was designed by Renegadesginlab in conjunctions with Cholita Hats of Bolivia. The hat, made in Bolivia using very high quality Andean wool, is far superior to Chinese wool used by all other juggling hat makers.


This hat is masterfully made using Italian imported ribbon and thread. It will not wear out or lose it's stiffness, even with heavy use. It is properly weighted for tricks and much heavier than single felt.


One of most important features of this hat, is that it is symmetrically round, there is not a front or back to the hat. With a round hat it is easier to manipulate than an oblong shape, which is how most hats you wear are made.


Two-tone hats give greater visibility for audiences as the differing inside and outside colors clearly shows the hat is flipping. Different colored hats are great for multiple hat manipulations. This is the ultimate trick hat. Renegade assures you that this hat will outlast all other juggling hats.



Poll Hat
triple felt (three layers)
weight 61 cm size 13 ounce (371 grams)
hat total height 8� (20.5 cm)

weight 59 cm size 12.9 ounce (365 grams)
hat total height 7.5� (19 cm)

weight 57 cm size 13 ounce (328 grams)
hat total height 7� (17.8 cm)

100% wool
made in Denmark

weights plus/minus 10% due to natural felt thickness variation