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The Poll Hat was the first commercially available hat designed and manufactured specifically for manipulation. It was designed by the hat maestro, Nils Poll ("the fastest juggler in Scandinavia"), and was manufactured in Denmark.

This hat is bascially the same hat as the origonal poll hat, but made in Bolivia, which is known for making the highest quality felt world wide. The felt quality and thickness of this hat far surpasses the felt used on the Danish poll hat.

This hat comes in a low crown design. And has a steeper curved brim than the original poll hat.


Poll Hat
double felt
weight 61 cm size 13 ounce (371 grams)
hat total height 7 inch

weight 58cm size 12.9 ounce (365 grams)
hat total height 7 inch (19 cm)

weight 56 cm size 13 ounce (328 grams)
hat total height 7 inch

100% wool
made in Denmark

weights and height plus/minus 10% due to natural felt thickness variation and being hat made