Play SIL-X 78mm LIGHT

Play SIL-X 78mm LIGHT

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A new version of the sil-x ball made with a lighter weight shell, so it is softer and has a lighter weight (120 grams), the normal Sil-X 78mm ball is 150 grams. Some people prefer this balls lighter weight and it has a much softer feel. The ball compresses very easy, and makes for a nice feel on the release of the balls in your hand.


The 78 mm size is good for 3-5 ball juggling for averaged sized juggler, but is a bit large for 6 or seven balls unless your hands are big.

The ball is 1/3 filled with liquid silicone. When the ball is caught the balls filling goes to the bottom of the ball and make is easier to catch or to balance. The liquid silicone slides down the sides of the ball slower than the glass beads in a Renegade Russian ball, so it can reduce wobble when thrown it the air. For contact juggling it is a bit light, the normal weighted 78mm sil-x would be better.


Sil-x 78mm
size 3 inch (78mm)
weight 5.3 ounce 120 grams

silicon non-toxic (used in the food industry as a lubricant)
shell PVC
made in Italy by Play