Play-Renegade Hybrid-3 95mm

Play-Reneagde Hybrid-3
Play-Renegade Hybrid-3 with 95mm body, white wrapped handle.

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The Hybrid-3 combines a Renegade 95mm body and crepe-rubber end cap, with Play of Italy's wrapped handle, flexible-plastic, 5/8 inch (16mm) dowel, and molded knob. The weight is lightweight - (231 grams), slightly heavier than a Px3 Vegas Club and a length of 20.25 inches.

This club is available with a white body only, your choice of Renegade's decoration foils, and with either black or white knobs and end caps.

Well suited for club passing, taller and bigger people, or those wanting a more showy club, it has a larger and more visible body than the Hybrid-3 with the 85 mm body.

This is a good pick for folks with a preference for lightweight clubs, softer and slight rebound feel of the Play's plastic dowel. It has the opaque, untaped, white wrapped handles by Play, and all the color options of Renegade decorations.



Weight 231 grams
length 20.5 inches (52.0 cm) with below parts

Play 5/8 inch plastic dowel (16mm)
Play knob black
Play white wrap handle
Renegade 95mm body
Renegade end cap black
Club are hand made in Santa Cruz CA, all parts made in USA or Italy