Play-Renegade Hybrid-1

Play-Renegade Hybrid-1
Play-Renegade Hybrid-1 colors shown, club sold by the each

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The Play-Renegade Hybrid-1 is the first new model of the hybrid club line. The club has a Play Px3 body, and end cap. The dowel is Renegade 3/4 inch (19mm) soft maple, with a Renegade taped handle or Play white wrapped handle. You have the option to pick any of the Renegade or Play knobs.

This club juggles very nice; it is a bit lighter than a 85mm club, and handles similar to a Sirius Px3, except is has a stiffer feel with a wood dowel vs. plastic dowel. The body of the Sirius Px3 is about 1/2 inch shorter than a 85mm body, both clubs have the same body weight. The differrence is that this club has the option to have a renegade knob with a flat bottom with no screw, as opposed to the Px3 rounded knob which has exposed screw.



Weight 219 grams
length 19.5 inches (49.5 cm) with below parts

Renegade 3/4 inch soft maple dowel (19mm)
Renegade knob black
Renegade taped handle
Play px3 sirius body
Play end cap black
Club are hand made in Santa Cruz CA, all parts made in USA