Play MMX3 75mm Filled Stage Ball

Play MMX3 75mm Filled Stage Ball
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Catalog Number:Stgbal:MMX75

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The 75mm MMX is the newest size, it has a weight of 150 grams, and is a very good ball for 3-5 ball juggling, though it is a bit heavy for 6 or seven balls. It has a glossy shell which has excellent grip.This new larger size just under 3 inches is a good size for performing.


he balls have a great release for juggling as they do not stick to each other and are a very good size for 3-5 ball juggling. For numbers 5-9, the smaller MMX Plus ball is a better choice. One nice feature of the MMX 75 is that is has a dead bounce and will not roll away from you when dropped.




diameter 3.0 inches (75mm)
weight 6.35 ounce (180 gr) gloss finish vinyl (PVC)
made in Italy by Play