Play Flower Power Flowerstick

Play Flower Power Flowerstick
handsticks with silicone cover and fiberglass core
Play Flower Power Flowerstick

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The Flower Power Silcone flowerstick is a new flower stick built using fibergalss stick and molded silicone layer.  Which gives it extreme strength and flexibility. This shaft is covered with a colored silicone coating (1,5 mm thickness). The silicone is very soft for great grip and optimal control. This flower stick is suitable both for beginners and experts. UV reactive colours. The hand sticks are fiberglass, with a molded silicone layer.


Tulip Flowerstick
silicone tubing over plastic shaft
weight 205 grams)
stick length including tassels 25inch (63 cm)

handsticks silicon coated plastic
made in Italy by Play Juggling