Play Club Parts

Play Club Parts
Play Club Parts

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Body Type

Center Ring

Screws and Washers for caps and knobs

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Knob Type ( comes with screw and washer)

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Play Club Parts.


You can buy all the parts to the Play clubs we sell, though you need to be carful what model club you are buying them for. Review this list so you get the correct parts.


Knobs and Caps. Play makes two styes of knobs and caps. Flat caps and flat bottom knobs. Curved caps or flat cap.


Bodies, Play has two length  of bodies (the body is the plastic bulb) Quantum using the Long Body, and Sirisu using the Short Body. We also have sirius glow in the dark bodies for sale, not shown on this page, call for information ( price $2.50 each)


Center Ring, samer ring for both Quantum and Sirius clubs.


Dowels, both clubs Quantum and Sirius can be made using a plastic dowel (Px3) or fiberglass (Px4) The only differance between a Px3 club and a Px4 clubs is the type of dowel used. 


Extra Screws and washers, you can buy knob and cap screws and washers all the clubs use the same ones.



weight 208-215 grams, length 52cm, 20.5 inches