poi, meteors and contact poi

Flag Poi to Fire Poi, Renegade was one of the first (if not the first) prop makers to sell these kind of props. Poi was first seen at the Isla Vista Juggling Festival in the mid 1980's and was promoted tirelessly by a loan juggler at the festival for many years. It took another 20 years before they became popular, and now make up one of the most commonly used fire prop. It was at the Isa Vista Renegade Midnight show that the first poi swinging act was ever performed on stage (to our knowledge) at a juggling festival.

Glow Poi (LED)

Glow Poi (Pair)

Catalog Number: ManPoi:IP1

LEDs in hollow 70mm balls with a stainless steel ball chain and swivels.


View: Podpoi, LED Poi

Podpoi, LED Poi

Catalog Number: GLOW:PODPOI

USB rechargeable glow poi, LED poi with several light settings.

View: Contact Poi (pair)

Contact Poi (pair)

Catalog Number: CONPOI

Contact Poi, great design for throws, and body rolling.

Fire Poi - Chain

Fire Chain Poi

Catalog Number: Fdance:CHA

Renegade Fire Chain Poi is simply the best, most fire safe poi available.


Fire Cable Poi

Fire Cable Poi

Catalog Number: Fdance:CAB

Fire poi made from stainless steel cable are super lightweight.


View: Ball Meteor (RdL) Renegadesignlab

Ball Meteor (RdL) Renegadesignlab

Catalog Number: MET:MON

If you are interested in club swinging, staff and poi, this is a prop that combines them all together.


Fire Snakes

Catalog Number: Fdance:SNA1

Kevlar Rope Snakes produce a huge flame and disc of fire.


LED Poi Heads

LED Poi Head

Catalog Number: POI:PH2

All poi heads can be bought without, the chain or finger grips we offer 5 kinds of LED poi heads.


View: Glow Poi K-8 iPoi RGB-IR

Glow Poi K-8 iPoi RGB-IR

Catalog Number: GLOW:K8P

iPoi RGB-IR is a professional LED poi with advanced electronics.

Kiwido practice poi with removable flags

Kiwido practice poi with removable flags

Catalog Number: POI:KIW

It has a detachable, 3-color, thin, rip-stop nylon, multiple ribbon that looks great and produces crackling sound.


Fire Meteors

Fire Meteors

Catalog Number: MET:MONF

Made to a very high quality standards for professional fire performance.


Blaze Balls 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 inch and Cathedral Wicks Heads

Blaze Balls 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 inch and Cathedral Wicks Heads

Catalog Number: Fdance:BB250

Wick heads for making fire cables, fire chains, fire darts or meteors.

View: Silicone contact poi knob

Silicone contact poi knob

Catalog Number: PSK

Rubber Caps and Knobs for Renegade Juggling Clubs, Play Px3, and PlayRenegade Hybrid clubs.

Partner Poi DVD

Partner Poi

Catalog Number: DVD:PP

Learn how to spin poi with partners, in clear lessons.


Poi Spinning, Focus on Transitions DVD

Poi Spinning, Focus on Transitions

Catalog Number: DVD:PSFOT

Present strong technique in the art of dancing with poi. Focusing on transitions.


Poi Technique DVD

Poi Technique

Catalog Number: DVD:PT

Learn how to spin poi solo, in clear lessons.


Learn poi swinging

Poi Groove Basics

Catalog Number: DVD:PGB

Fire Groove leads you through the fundamentals of this exciting new art form, Poi Spinning


Poi Spinning Basics with Pele's Element DVD

Poi Spinning Basics with Pele's Element

Catalog Number: DVD:PEL

A guide for the beginning fire dancer or poi spinner.


Scales of Poi DVD

Scales of Poi

Catalog Number: DVD:SCA

This DVD categorizes and explores poi manipulations and the transitions in between them.


Fire All Stars DVD

Fire All Stars

Catalog Number: DVD:FALS

A journey through the lives of fifteen of the most dedicated fire dancers


Meteor Instruction Book

Meteor Instruction Book

Catalog Number: Books:MET

Very interesting book which covers 22 basic meteor moves.


Poi Spinning Books

Poi Spinning by Michal Kahn and Welcome to the World of Poi by Klaus Scheuermann

Catalog Number: Books:PSPIN

These two books cover the full range of, tricks and moves with detailed illustrations.