mouth sticks, shaker cups, spinning plates/balls, cigar boxes

The Plastic spinning plate is a nice prop for circus camps and juggle schools programs. Spinning plates and mouth sticks where traditionally used for combination tricks in vintage juggling acts. The shaker cup is also a old traditional juggling prop, make in both plastic or metal.

Renegadesignlab (RdL) has developed a new line of mouth stick both for ball/plate spinning, and ball balancing. The mouth stick come in 0, 45, 60 and 70 degree angles.

We now offer unfinished wood cigar boxes, which can be decorated and used as traditional cigar boxes or stacking boxes.


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View: Cigar Box raw wood

Cigar Box raw wood

Catalog Number: PCI

Wood Cigar Boxes, sold in raw wood.

Our Price $12.00

View: Play Plastic Spinning Plate

Play Plastic Spinning Plate

Catalog Number: PSP

This is a educational spinning plate, designed to make plate spinning easy.

View: Mouth Stick Ball Balancing

Mouth Stick Ball Balancing

Catalog Number: SkPlate:MSTXB

This mouth stick is for ball balancing, flat, zero degrees

View: Mouth Stick Plate and Ball Spinning

Mouth Stick Plate and Ball Spinning

Catalog Number: SkPlate:MSTX

The mouth sticks come in several different degrees depending on what angle you want spin at.

Our Price $39.00

Plastic Shaker Cups

Plastic Shaker Cup

Catalog Number: SkPlate:SHA1

Made of hard plastic that will not dent or break. Quite compared to metal cups.

Our Price $15.00

Alloy Shaker Cup

Alloy Shaker Cup

Catalog Number: SkPlate:SHA2

Stronger and better quality than any shaker cup, made for professional use.

Our Price $39.00

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