Juggling Torches

Jugging fire torches are the most popular fire prop. The Renegade Juggling Torch is specially made with lightweight materials so it juggles just like our clubs. The body of the torch is large enough so when it is laying on the ground the kevlar wicks do not touch the ground.

The Renegade fire swinging torch is great for performing, the cathedral wicking makes a big flame. The body of the torch is tapered so the wick heads will not touch your arms when doing snakes and other fire swinging moves.


Juggling Torch

Renegade Juggling Torch

Catalog Number: Ftorches:TOR

Our torches are designed to feel just like clubs, lightweight and well balanced.

Our Price $35.00

View: Henry Nite Flight Juggling Torch

Henry Nite Flight Juggling Torch

Catalog Number: Ftorches:HTOR

Henrys all sliver juggling torches have good visibility in the dark.

View: Play Mephisto Juggling Torch

Play Mephisto Juggling Torch

Catalog Number: Ftorches:PTOR

Play torches are made with x-grip Hi temp. shrink tubing on the handle and center.

View: Gora Juggling Fire Sword

Gora Juggling Fire Sword

Catalog Number: Ftorches:TORGS

Gora Fire Sword, made for juggling, great look for fairs and other events.

Our Price $44.00

View: Gora SwingingTorch/Staff

Gora SwingingTorch/Staff

Catalog Number: Ftorches:SWIG

Fire swingers that convert into a small staff.

Swinging Torch - Renegade

Renegade Swinging Torch

Catalog Number: Ftorches:SWI

Fire swinging is a technique where torch is swung by the knob in your hand.

View: Gora Fire Prop Bags

Gora Fire Prop Bags

Catalog Number: GB

Fire prop bags 2, 3, and 5 foot long, constructed out of durable nylon.

Swinging Torch Wick Ends and Wood Knobs

Swinging Torch Wick Ends and Wood Knobs

Catalog Number: Ftorches:SPART

Refurbish your swinging torches with new wick ends and wood knobs.

Kevlar Flat Wick 1, 2, 3, 4, X 1/8 inch

Kevlar Replacement Wick
18" x 2" x 1/8"

Catalog Number: WICK:WICTOR

Juggling torches and swinging torches use 2 inch wide wicking.

Our Price $3.50